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The machines have won and Terminator 2 has been remade in Grand Theft Auto V

Screenshot: YouTube

There is really never a bad time to rewatch one of the first two Terminator movies, a pair of classic ur-texts in sci-fi action that humanity has really only matched, never bettered. So this hour-long, slightly slimmed-down recreation of T2: Judgment Day within Grand Theft Auto V is a great way to spend a portion of this holiday weekend, assuming you get over the fact that it was made by machines.

Sure: Technically, a human modder went through creating character models, sets, camera placements, and cuts in order to recreate James Cameron’s classic 1991 movie. But then, as that very film details, even a human invented Skynet. Really, what this represents is an early triumph of the machines over man, proof that even our classic anti-machine cinema is prone to machination. Machinima Robert Patrick is actually a pretty good evolution of the T-1000, and the Nathan Drake character model used for John Connor is a nice gag. But we must ask ourselves: At what cost? At what cost do we enjoy this video?


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