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The Losers won't let it happen again in the new It: Chapter Two trailer

On the heels of a creepy, cake makeup-ed new poster for It: Chapter Two comes a new trailer for Andy Muschietti’s sequel to 2017's first installment. That one, we all remember, followed the younger characters of Stephen King’s iconic 1986 novel as they bonded in the shadow of a supernatural, cannibalistic clown. Now, it’s time to visit with The Losers’ Club as adults, and not just Jessica Chastain’s Bev, who carried the heft of the film’s first trailer.

This one’s all over the place, with James McAvoy’s Bill squaring off against Pennywise in a House Of Mirrors; Chastain’s Bev drowning in a bathroom; and the house on Niebolt Street looming large. We’re most excited, however, for Xavier Dolan’s Adrian Mellon, who we see float towards his doom in what’s maybe the book’s most horrifying sequence. 


Watch the new clip below.

The cast elaborated a bit on the film at the San Diego Comic Con’s ScareDiego event last night, where three clips were shown alongside the trailer. One is of a particularly iconic scene from the book—dinner is served, is scary, etc.—and two that feel individual to the film itself. You can read more about them here if you’re into spoilers. It’s less of a spoiler to share that apparently 4,500 gallons of blood were used in the film’s creation—that tracks—and that, according to star Bill Hader, the film is as much about “childhood trauma” as it is spooky clowns and naked old women.


Hader and Chastain are joined by James McAvoy, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean, and Isaiah Mustafa in the cast, as well as Bill Skarsgård, for whom the cast had plenty of praise.


It: Chapter Two will hit you with a pie on September 6. See the latest poster below.


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