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The Los Angeles DA is investigating sexual assault allegations against Sylvester Stallone

Photo: Olivier Douliery-Pool (Getty Images)

Late last year, Sylvester Stallone was accused of assaulting a 16-year-old girl in the ’80s along with his now-deceased bodyguard Michael De Luca, with the accuser claiming both men forced her to give them oral sex and said they’d “beat her head in” if she told anyone. She did go to the police to file a report, but she said she didn’t want to press charges because she was “humiliated and ashamed.” Stallone denied the accusations, saying it was a “ridiculous, categorically false story.” Now, according to Deadline, the Los Angeles District Attorney is reviewing a separate sexual assault case against Stallone, with the victim reportedly being a woman who said she was planning to file a police report last year over an alleged assault in the ‘90s.

Stallone’s lawyer says that the actor has acknowledged that he “had a relationship” with the woman when he was shooting a movie in Israel in 1987, but they have “two witnesses” who say that her claims are false. It seems like Stallone’s side doesn’t specifically know who the exact accuser is, though, as one of his other lawyers says that they’re preparing to file their own police report on the false accusations “if it is the same woman” as the one who the witnesses can apparently discredit.


A special Los Angeles DA “task force” is currently going over “all interviews and notes” that the Santa Monica PD has compiled on the case.

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