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The Lookouts unearth a punk rock relic with “California/Mendocino”

Before East Bay punk was even definable as a movement—much less a sound—there were The Lookouts. Formed in 1985 by Lookout Records founder Lawrence Livermore, the band would become one of the first to release music on Livermore’s upstart label. It was also the first band to feature an adolescent Tre Cool, who would go on to become the drummer for Green Day on the band’s sophomore album, Kerplunk!. On March 10, Don Giovanni Records will release Spy Rock Road (And Other Stories), an album that compiles and cleans up all of The Lookouts material in one tidy package. The A.V. Club is streaming “California/Mendocino,” a previously unreleased track from the band’s 1985 demo, which serves as patient zero for punk’s explosion in the decade that followed.

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