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The Lonely Island reprises “I’m On A Boat” on The Tonight Show

The world recently marked the 11th anniversary of the charge of the Leeroy Jenkins brigade, but that isn’t the only commemoration the month of May will afford us. While stumping for its latest feature film, Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping, the Lonely Island dropped The Tonight Show to perform the Grammy-nominated nautical theme “I’m On A Boat.” At host Jimmy Fallon’s behest, the song, which was released all the way back in 2009, was performed with classroom instruments and sailor suits with The Roots.

There’s no T-Pain or flight suits, but at least Jorma Taccone wasn’t left at home this time, though it looks like he’s excluding himself from the proceedings. But everyone else looks to be having a good time in the cozy confines of the “Classroom Instruments” studio or dressing room.


When Fallon sat down with Andy Samberg, who plays Pop Star Connor4Real, for the interview portion, he learned that the Lonely Island had been talking him up all over town. Samberg brought a reel of interview clips from the trio’s press tour, in which they attribute all kinds of quotes to their fellow former Saturday Night Live performer.

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