Comedy singing troupe The Lonely Island signed a multi-year TV show development deal with Fox earlier this year, and now we finally have some information about three new shows that the group is working on. First, though, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone—the guys who make up The Lonely Island—came up with a name for their studio: Party Over Here. It’s a perfect fit for the sort of dry period pieces, hard-hitting dramas, and educational nature documentaries that the group is surely working on.

However, its initial group of shows are all comedies, so we’ll have to wait for that serious stuff. This all comes from Deadline, which reports that the three shows are titled The Tyler Zone, Home For The Weekend, and Topics With Andre Hyland, and the hope is for all three to make it to either Fox, FX, or FXX. The Tyler Zone stars Danny Pudi as a guy who moves to a new town and begins experiencing “a series of supernatural occurrences.” If The Tyler Zone gets picked up as a series, it could jeopardize Pudi’s role on Community, but he might be on the movie part of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie by then, so maybe he’ll be able to shuffle his schedule around for it.


Home For The Weekend will be a mockumentary-style show about famous people returning to their hometowns “where pleasant strolls down memory lane can take unexpected turns and reveal surprising backstories about high-profile stars.” As for which high-profile stars it will feature, the episode that’s currently in production is about the guys from The Lonely Island, which is a pretty huge get for the guys from The Lonely Island. The third series, Topics With Andre Hyland, sounds a little less defined. All Deadline says is that it will feature comedian Andre Hyland and “his uniquely hilarious band of characters” as he “interacts with an unsuspecting public.” All three shows seem pretty early in development, so we have no idea when—or if—they’ll make it to air.