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The logo for Ready Player One is actually a maze, because of course it is

Screenshot: Youtube

The trailer for “cinematic game changer” Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One has gotten some heat from people who think its I-love-the-’80s schtick looks pretty dumb. A lot of these same people read Ernest Cline’s book—or heard his spoken word—and have the scars to prove it.

There is no use resisting the Ready Player One juggernaut, or its rosy version of the ’80s that somehow consists only of the most obvious references. So why not solve a fun little maze? That’s right: In a nod to the literal Easter egg that drives the story’s plot, there is a maze hidden in the movie’s logo that ends at the silver egg tucked into the “O” in “one.”


The folks at Gizmodo have dutifully untangled the inevitable knot of references packed into this design choice, which stretch back to 1979’s Adventure for the Atari 2600. This exercise should prime you for the mental exhaustion of clocking every appearance of that ’80s thing you recognize when Ready Player One, the “holy grail of pop culture,” graces us with its presence next year. Presumably if you serenade the logo with the guitar solo from Rush’s “Freewill,” it rewards you with a nice Funko Pop.

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