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The Logan's Run remake is now being written by BioShock's Ken Levine

Illustration for article titled The emLogans Run/em remake is now being written by emBioShock/ems Ken Levine

In development since the mid-’90s, and thus well on its way to an age when it must be executed for the good of the population, the remake of Logan’s Run has taken on an urgency mirrored in its blinking Lifeclock. Now, after years of abandoned false starts from the likes of Joel Silver, Bryan Singer, Joseph Kosinski, and most recently Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling, Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has handed it to Ken Levine, writer of the BioShock video game franchise, to see if he can deliver a version they finally feel like making. While an unexpected decision, it’s a logical fit: Levine, who tried his hand at film before getting into gaming, has claimed to be “obsessed” with Logan’s Run, citing it as an influence on BioShock’s vision of utopias transformed into dystopias by the fact that people inherently suck. And by attaching the remake of an increasingly dated property to a name revered by so many gamers, Warner Bros. has now found a way to get young people excited while government agents slip up behind to euthanize them.


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