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Hope you guys like the Zac Brown Band (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The list of free ticket voucher-eligible shows related to that Ticketmaster settlement has been released, and it’s predictably just okay. All of the shows are at Live Nation-owned rooms and outdoor amphitheaters, meaning that if you’re in Chicago, for instance, you’re almost assuredly going to have to drive out to the suburbs to use your vouchers, unless you really want to get into the Slightly Stoopid show that’s being held downtown. Some cities and regions also don’t really have much in the way of Live Nation-owned venues, meaning that if you live in a city like Houston or Austin, you’re pretty much shit out of luck unless you want to put in hours upon hours of car time to hit up the Merry Jane-presented Snoop Dogg show in Dallas.

The entire list is here, and it’s worth noting that Live Nation says it will be “periodically updated,” though unless the company actually buys more venues, then things won’t change much geographically any time soon. In other words, if you live in Milwaukee and really want to see the Prophets Of Rage on their Make America Rage Again tour, then you’re just going to have to pony up for some gas.


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