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The Lippies insert social commentary into pop-punk with “Fuck The Customer”

The Lippies (Photo: David Sparks)
The Lippies (Photo: David Sparks)

Given that The Lippies are self-described as “feminist pop-punk,” it’s no surprise that the second single from its self-titled debut fits that description perfectly. Taken at face value, it’d be easy to see Tonia Broucek’s lyrics in “Fuck The Customer” as a simple ode to worker’s rights, but, as she puts it, there’s a lot more to it than that:

“Fuck The Customer” is my response to people who lack respect for sex workers. It’s my response to people who work at jobs they hate and are treated poorly at, go home to consume porn, and then explain how they have no respect for those women because they allow themselves to be degraded. Yet they fail to recognize that many of these people actually love and believe in what they’re doing. They fail to recognize how valuable their product is and how much power these people have. Meanwhile, these motherfuckers can’t even stand up for themselves at their crappy jobs without risking termination. So, like… really what’s more degrading?


The A.V. Club is premiering “Fuck The Customer” below, ahead of the album’s release on Red Scare Records. It’s a track that shows the Grand Rapids four-piece is as adept and power chord-laden pop songs as it is political statements, making for a record that’s rewarding in equal measure.

The Lippies is available for pre-order through Red Scare Records.

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