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Illustration for article titled iThe/i iLion King /imusical is now the top-grossing entertainment anything ever

Proving that, sometimes, the little guy can really make it in this world with nothing but the backing of a massive corporation and the pedigree of one of the most beloved children’s movies ever made, the stage version of The Lion King has been declared the most lucrative box office draw in the history of offices or boxes. To date, the show’s various productions have earned $6.2 billion from musical fans, Felicity Huffman, and people desperately trying to avoid talking to their visiting parents, pushing past previous record holder The Phantom Of The Opera ($6 billion) and leaving the world’s top-grossing film, 2009’s $2.6 billion-earning Avatar, in its naughty word-spelling dust. According to the Associated Press, who performed the calculations showing The Lion King’s ascendancy, the Phantom producers congratulated the new record holder, presumably while gently stroking a porcelain half-mask and contemplating elaborate, chandelier-focused revenge.


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