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The Lion King cast faces off with their animal counterparts in new promo images

Image: Walt Disney Studios

We are mere weeks away from one of the most anticipated/heavily scrutinized live action remakes of the decade, The Lion King, stampeding into theaters. (too soon?) With that final stretch comes a fresh round of promotional material to gawk at. Today, director and producer Jon Favreau released a set of minimalist images featuring the entire cast engaging in stare-downs with their animal kingdom alter egos. The results are actually pretty stunning.


Much like the bulk of Lion King’s promotion up to this point,Beyoncé’s utterly regal photo is garnering the most attention...and how can it not? The remaining photos, however are a great reminder of just how stacked this cast is, ranging from seasoned pros like Alfre Woodard to newcomers like Us starlet Shahadi Wright Joseph. It would have been cool to see James Earl Jones come eye-to-eye with his two-time counterpart, Mufasa. Then again, who needs such a potent dose of childhood trauma on a Tuesday?

Lion King arrives in theaters July 19.

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