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The Lincoln Lawyer could become a TV show

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As networks are always searching for an innovative series idea so long as it involves lawyers doing lawyer things, ABC has ordered a pilot script for a TV adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer, easily this year’s most widely tolerated Matthew McConaughey legal thriller. The film recently calmed fussy airplane audiences with its familiar story beats about accused rapists and their amoral attorneys who learn ethical things, a quiescence aided by McConaughey’s soothing drawl and the snowy vastness of his teeth. So naturally it’s believed that the show can do the same on a weekly basis, provided they find an acceptable small-screen substitute. (Note: Josh Lucas is already on The Firm.) In particular, the network is in love with the  “pre-sold” concept of a lawyer working out of the back of his car, which sets it apart from all the other lawyer shows, apparently, which are set in boring, immobile offices. Incidentally, I'm stating my intention right now to pitch Truck Doctor. You can't have it.


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