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Earlier this week, the Library of Congress announced the Boccaccio Project, a commissioned series of ten classic and depressingly morbid musical compositions from various artists inspired by the current COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine.


For the less cultured among us, the project’s name is a nod to mid-14th century author, Giovanni Boccaccio, who wrote the Decameron, a collection of 100 stories as told by 10 Florentine narrators after they fled the bubonic plague. Per a piece over at Atlas Obscura, the idea was actually concocted over 20 years ago by the LoC’s Senior Concerts Producer, David Plylar, who for some reason was reminded of his potential endeavor after certain recent current events.

You can watch and listen to the first composition, a collaboration between composer Damian Sneed and pianist Jeremy Jordan, below.

The Boccaccio Project is set to release one song each weekday through the end of next week, ending with a new piece from the aptly named flute duet, Flutronix. It’s a poignant and beautiful idea for troubled times, especially since our current emotional states could more or less be conveyed by 10 days’ worth of abject, soul-piercing shrieks.


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