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The Libertines played a surprise set at Glastonbury


Florence And The Machine’s Foo Fighters cover wasn’t the only surprise at the Glastonbury Festival on Friday night: Beloved Britrock band The Libertines, the Pete Doherty- and Carl Barat-led group that reunited in 2014 to great acclaim, thrilled the crowd by playing a secret set. The group played a generous 19-song set that covered everything from shamblers such as “Can’t Stand Me Now” and “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun” to more laissez-faire songs like “Music When The Lights Go Out” and “What Katie Did.” The group even played a new song, “Gunga Gin.” The Libertines originally rose to prominence along with the Strokes in the early ’00s, but ended up splitting in 2004 amid Doherty’s ongoing drug problems. As the Glastonbury videos below reveal, however, the Libertines Mach II seems to be in fine shape.

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