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The Leftovers is going Down Under for its final season

Get it? Because of Australia's favorite stereotype about it being a haven for prisoners.

The Leftovers, HBO’s absolutely stunning series that seems to have roughly half a dozen viewers, has already gone to quite a few locations. It’s taken the show’s characters and storylines to places like upstate New York, or central Texas, or a hotel that doubles as Purgatory and exists somewhere in the zone between the living and the dead. Basically, sites we’re all quite familiar with—that last one especially, if you happen to be Jared Fogle. But for its third and final season, Damon Lindelof’s program about spirituality, mysticism, love, death, and every other big topic you’ve spent a lot of time considering at 3 a.m., is going to Australia. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will be filmed on the planet’s only country that doubles as its own continent— except for North America, which is essentially the United States and its hat, as embodied by our presidential candidate who most resembles an overcooked pot roast.

The reasons for the relocation are both extra- and intra-diegetic for the series based on Tom Perrotta’s novel, in which the world is left trying to carry on after two percent of the population inexplicably vanishes. Reportedly, the upcoming season’s narrative begins in Jardin, Texas (for which real-life Austin, Texas doubled), the location of last year’s plot, but then travels Down Under, where it will also be filmed. Given the fictional town ended last season as a burning pile of rubble, a change of scenery seems like a good idea, although we’re already dreading what it’s going to do to Nora’s mental state.


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