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The League's "Netflix for neckties" is a reality

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Buried as a C-plot in a December episode of FX’s The League was the idea for “Neckflix,” a Netflix-like service for neckties that is both the latest get-rich-quirk scheme from Taco Corp. and, surprisingly, a pretty good idea for a business. (Compared to importing Three Penis Wine, Neckflix is basically Apple.) Lawyer David Powers certainly believes it could work: He and partner Scott Tindle recently launched TieTry.com, which sends subscribers up to five different neckties at a time for a monthly fee, thus allowing you to wear a different tie every day without actually having to shell out for them.


Of course, Powers claims to have been inspired by the reality series Shark Tank—definitely not the League episode, which the company’s reps (via a comment following their interview on DCist) defer to by saying that the timing was “interesting,” but nevertheless claim that the “plan has been in place for a year.” They do, however, allow that “Taco is a pretty cool guy,” confirming that they’re at least familiar with the show and the episode in question—so take that as you will, we guess. Most likely if a lack of proper credit for a subplot on The League is the deciding factor on whether you use a Netflix for ties, you probably weren’t all that interested anyway. But consider this: The competing Netflix-for-ties service Tie Society (which the TieTry guys also don't bother to acknowledge) has apparently been around since at least last summer—well before The League aired its episode—suggesting sometimes these ideas are just out there floating in the ether.  [via Warming Glow]