The League

In what should be a pretty easy transition (at least in terms of TV show titles) The League’s Katie Aselton has moved on to Legion, FX’s X-Men spinoff show from Fargo creator Noah Hawley. The show focuses on a mutant named David Haller, a character who—in the comics—is the son of X-Men leader Charles Xavier and has a ton of powers that are tied to his multiple personalities. It’s still unclear how/if the show will handle all of that, but Hawley and FX have made comments in the past that suggest the show will only be loosely tied to the larger X-Men universe.

Deadline says that Aselton will be playing “Amy,” but that’s literally all that Deadline says about her. She could be an X-Man, she could be a figment of the guy’s imagination, or she could be a member of a fantasy football league. All we know is that she’s called Amy. Whoever she is, Aselton will be joining Rachel Keller, Dan Stevens, and Aubrey Plaza in the series, with Stevens playing Haller/Legion himself.