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The lazy person’s way to follow your favorite actors on Twitter

Remember Twitter Lists? Yeah, us neither. But a photographer named David Friedman finally found a good use for them (if you remember to click on that “Lists” tab. It’s right next to your “Favorites.”). Friedman has compiled a master list of lists that contain pop culture icons (or has-beens), sorted by the TV show they were on. The Saturday Night Live list is the biggest, with 75 cast members, and the smallest is Stephen Tobolowsky, who, Friedman notes, “is just Stephen Tobolowsky.” But there’s also The Facts Of Life (eight cast members, only from the first season), Happy Days (three cast members), Doctor Who (19 cast members), and Breaking Bad (15 cast members). It’s a nice way to keep an eye on some of your favorite shows and actors without, say, having your main Twitter feed clogged up by Victoria Jackson and Kirk Cameron. You can find the annotated list on Friedman’s website, or just go straight to Twitter and follow one (or many) of his 41 lists.


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