Well, well. Seems like our “Ballad Of Randy Quaid” jes' got itself another verse: The modern-day folk hero and occasional movie-picture star was jes' up and arrested 'cross that Vancouver line alongside his bad idea bride Evi, days after the two skipped town on a California court appearance to answer for their previous arrest for squatting and felony vandalism. The couple’s Badlands-like journey across this here unfeeling nation of ours—a country what never had no care for a man’s right to not pay his luxury resort bills, nor cause $5,000 worth of damage to a home what was stolen out from under him and jes’ up and sold to a dead body—ended jes' across that there Canadian border, and our doomed duo are now set to appear before the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board to face charges for immigration violations.

All in all, folks, it might have ended a might less peaceably, as last night Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman tipped back his mullet and made it known he was white-hot on their tail—which only would have led to a mess o’ hurting and the cold embrace of a can of bear mace. But folks, don't you go a-worryin'. We all know that not a box was built what could hold Randy and Evi Quaid. Why, jes’ a hot-pickin’ minute and a lick and a jump and they’ll be back on that wild ramble-tamble to the grave. [Banjo solo.]