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The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

One of the most fun things (or maybe the only fun thing) about the recent Democratic and Republican National Conventions was seeing the live Late Show episodes on CBS each night. Not only did they give Stephen Colbert a chance to get a little wackier than normal, they also gave him a chance to unpack and examine the speeches and newsworthy moments in a significantly more timely manner that kept his jokes feeling a lot fresher than they would’ve in a pre-taped show. Now, as reported by E! News, Colbert will be doing it live once again for the presidential and vice presidential debates—assuming they actually happen and one of the candidates doesn’t try to weasel out for some reason.

The live Late Show episodes will air on September 26, October 4, and October 19, and though the guests for those shows haven’t been announced yet, another appearance from Jon Stewart seems like safe bet. Also, if you tend to DVR Colbert’s show, make sure to account for the local news getting delayed by the debates and adjust the recording times as needed. We can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to sit down the next morning and watch The Late Show only to have it get cut off 20 minutes in.


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