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God bless corporate synergy: With CBS and Viacom now living together as a single happy family, the two networks are ready to team up for a bit of cross-promotion. As reported by Deadline, Comedy Central is going to start airing repeat episodes of CBS’ The Late Late Show With James Corden after The Daily Show starting tomorrow, but there’s a catch. We’re not talking about the regular Daily Show time slot, and The Late Late Show isn’t going to be finally (finally!) filling The Colbert Report’s notoriously difficult old spot in the schedule. Instead, this is all going to be happening early in the morning, with Corden’s show airing after the 7 a.m. repeat broadcast of The Daily Show, Monday through Friday.


It’s a weirdly minor announcement to come from such a fitting collaboration between CBS and Comedy Central, but this most likely a good way to get some viewers to these two shows who might be watching other things during their regular time slots (Stephen and the Jimmys come to mind, not to mention whatever stuff young people are actually watching, like TikToks and SnapChats). Anyway, as mentioned up above, this is all starting tomorrow morning.

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