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The Last Vampire movie in development, is not the last vampire movie in development

While one might assume that all enthusiasm for vampires would by now be nearly drained—like the human lover of a vampire who teeters sexily on the edge of death, who cannot help but feel a desire to be consumed and so on—one would be naïve. Indeed, naïve as a trusting human caught up in the sort of doomed romance with a creature of the night that’s good for at least $70 million at the box office, probably. There’s still plenty more to be sucked out, with Variety reporting that an adaptation of young-adult novel The Last Vampire is now in the works through producer Michael Preger, who already has another young-adult vampire novel adaptation in the works with The Vampire Academy, and probably uses phrases like “sustained interest in the vampire genre across younger and international markets” very seriously in his conversations.

Re-released as Thirst in 2009 to capitalize on the success of Twilight, in what is the most timely thing about this entire project, The Last Vampire was written by Christopher Pike, who was titillating junior-high girls with supernatural thrillers back when Stephenie Meyer was still just praying for her fellow teens who smoked and fornicated. It concerns a vampire named Sita who “is at once captivating and beguiling, due in part to her personification as a beautiful, intelligent, innocent-appearing, contemporary” and whatever, some other barely-specifics that don’t really matter, because she’s a vampire, so more vampire stuff happens. The Last Vampire will be ironically appearing on theater marquees soon.


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