According to Deadline, The Last Samurai’s Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz are teaming up again to inject a little Westernization into another Japanese thing. This time they’re going to make a live-action English-language adaptation of the manga Soul Reviver, with help from Japanese production companies Fields and All Nippon. Deadline says that the manga is about “two soul revivers,” as if that’s a totally normal thing, but it goes on to explain that they can travel into the world of the dead—again, totally normal—and resurrect people “whose mission on Earth was not complete at the time of their demise.” Here in America, we call that sort of person The Long Island Medium and they get a TV show, but they apparently get to carry guns and crazy swords in Japan, which sounds way cooler.

Zwick—who co-wrote the screenplay with Herskovitz—will direct the film, but Deadline says that “there’s currently no timeframe on the project,” so it could be pretty far off. Either way, that won’t stop us from making casting predictions. Considering that it’s a live-action English-language adaptation of a Japanese comic, how about Tom Cruise? Emile Hirsch? Keanu Reeves?