New this week
We did a 10-day tour with VHS Or Beta last year, and now we’re using all the footage we collected to bring you with us. For the next three weeks, we’ll be showing two videos a week, each documenting a different night of the tour. We kicked off the tour in Newport, Kentucky at the historic Thompson House.

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What are we arguing about this week
As long as there is a best of TV list, our readers will fight about it. And our worst of TV list. And best of film. Pretty much all of our year-end content. That’s okay though, it takes the heat off of this week’s articles.

This weekend
We’d recommend 56 Up—the latest film in the Seven Up documentary project—even if it weren’t one of two films to come out this week. We’ll also recommend Texas Chainsaw 3D much more than we expected to, but it’s still a C+. Miss out on Django Unchained and Les Misérables last week? Still go see them, but also watch Django as a sitcom and two parents lose it after seeing Les Misérables first.
Read: Two interesting but flawed books squeaked in right under the wire of 2012. The first was Warren Ellis’ Gun Machine, another pulp novel from the cult comics icon. The second, and slightly worse, was Philip Pullman’s Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm, a retelling of the stories through the lens of the man who brought children the His Dark Materials trilogy. If neither of those sound too appealing, there’s always that best of books list.
Watch: American Horror Story had the hand’s down greatest scene ever to make it to television, so watch that right now. Once it’s done and the wonder has left, might we suggest The Hour? Or, in what may be the last time we recommend watching it, The Big Bang Theory, which had an A episode this week, despite the apoplectic Internet complaints that this is not possible. We promise it’s not as bad as MTV’s new Jersey Shore replacement, Buckwild.