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The Last Man Standing premiere is on Twitter, so maybe Tim Allen can get Trump to watch it

Screenshot: Last Man Standing (Twitter)

Last Man Standing is coming back from a well-deserved death on ABC for a revival on Fox this week, but if you simply cannot wait to see Tim Allen grunt and roll his eyes at—ugh—women and young people, the Last Man Standing Twitter account has dumped the full premiere online early. Now you can watch a far-too-long meta sequence about how great it is to have loyal fans, a debate between a smart person who supports the government and a dumb person thinks Trump is bad because she heard he was unpopular on social media, and some stuff that happens in the other 20 minutes that we didn’t feel like watching.


Anyway, the early Twitter dump seems like a surprising move for Last Man Standing, which seems to be built entirely on nostalgia for the sitcoms yesterday, but perhaps Fox is hoping it can make an impression on the country’s most famous Twitter user. The network won’t say if Tim Allen’s character is specifically a Trump supporter on the show, but the real Allen definitely is, so it would be a nice boost to Last Man Standing’s right-wing cred if Allen could get a coveted like or retweet from Trump—especially if that retweet comes with some racist policies that Allen can willfully ignore!

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