Last week, the Bill Cosby misery train continued on with news that a woman was filing a lawsuit against him that claimed he had molested her when she was 15. The woman, Judy Huth, alleges that Cosby met her and a friend on a movie set, and then invited them to his tennis club where he soon gave them “multiple alcoholic beverages.” Then, he took them to the Playboy Mansion, instructed them to lie about their ages if asked, and—allegedly—forced Huth to perform “a sex act” on him. As we noted, California law allows sexual abuse victims to bring charges against abusers if they realize later in life that they’ve suffered emotional injury, which Huth says she has, so this has a good chance of getting pretty serious for Cosby.

The latest development in this story, via The Hollywood Reporter, is that the LAPD is now officially investigating Huth’s claims against Cosby. Huth reportedly met with detectives on Friday for over an hour, at which point an officer confirmed that the department had opened an investigation. Additionally, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck recently requested that any other potential Cosby victims come forward to speak with the police, “regardless of whether their claims were outside the statute of limitations,” because, as he says, “all victims deserve to be heard.” Why, it’s almost as if there shouldn’t be a statute of limitations on sexual abuse like this at all! Wouldn’t that be crazy?


As is tradition in these Cosby articles, we also have a quick update on how the allegations against Cosby have been affecting other Cosby-related things. This time, it’s his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, which the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce was forced to clean recently after someone wrote “rapist” on it. In a statement that it probably shouldn’t have made, the organization condemned the illegal actions—of the writer, not Cosby—and suggested that “people who are unhappy with one of our honorees” should “project their anger in more positive ways then to vandalize a California state landmark.” Truly, the tragedy that the Hollywood Walk Of Fame is facing here is the least tragic part of all of this, but let’s all be a bit more mindful that we might be hurting a sidewalk’s feelings.