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In news that will be a really big deal to a certain A.V. Club contributor’s aunt who still talks about the time she cut Nick Lachey’s hair, Nick and his brother Drew Lachey are pulling a Wahlburgers, which is industry shorthand for opening up a bar and making a reality show about it. The bar will be in the brothers’ hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood—which, at the height of the Lachey’s 98 Degrees fame, experienced a series of racially charged riots, but is now a yuppified entertainment district, so go figure. The show about the bar is being produced by A&E, which also produces the aforementioned Wahlburgers; in a press release about the show, the network promises a few laughs, a few tears, and probably a few broken martini glasses:

“Despite their lack of knowledge about running a business, these determined brothers are ready to roll up their sleeves and learn the ins and outs of running a place where everybody knows your name.”


Cincinnati’s Fox news affiliate reports that the bar, tentatively called Lachey’s Bar, is set to open in November.

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