Today in hyper-optimistic music reunion news: Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks have reportedly been talking about maybe getting back together for a tour. As Dave Davies notes on his Facebook, “Nothing has been agreed on yet,” but brother Ray told The Sunday Times the two have “spoken a few times on the phone and e-mailed” about it. The famously tumultuous duo put aside their years of differences earlier this year around the release of a Kinks musical, Sunny Afternoon, which Ray worked on and Dave reportedly saw and liked.

There’s a catch, of course: The brothers say they “don’t want to do our old stuff or tour with past hits,” meaning that, were The Kinks (or just the Davies brothers) to tour, it would be all new material. No “All Day And All Of The Night,” no “Sunday Afternoon,” no “Waterloo Sunset.” In other words, take what you can get, fans.