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The Kings Of Summer director in talks to direct Metal Gear Solid movie

Sony is reportedly in early talks with The Kings Of Summer director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct a big-screen adaptation of the 1998 Playstation blockbuster Metal Gear Solid. If you’re a fan of the series, and a giant white exclamation point just popped out of your head in alarm, your reaction is understandable. Besides the usual problems with adapting video games to the silver screen, MGS presents its own complications—the biggest of which is that the game and its sequels are essentially already a series of action movies. Series creator Hideo Kojima has never hidden his desire to turn the games into his own personal action franchise, filling them with non-interactive cutscenes that often total more than four hours in length, naming a character in Metal Gear Solid 2 with a reference to Kurt Russell’s character in Escape From New York, and even going so far as to “cast” famous action actors as the character portraits in his pre-MGS games.

So essentially, a Metal Gear Solid film will be a movie adaptation of a video game adaptation of famous action movies. Stick the whole thing in a virtual reality simulation of a hallucination of a dream sequence, and the movie would actually fit in perfectly as part of the games being adapted.


It’s worth noting that Vogt-Roberts hasn't officially signed on to any adaptation, rumors of which have been around for years. As such, there’s no word yet on casting, or on important plot details, like how much of the movie’s running time will be devoted to static talking-head phone conversations, meandering lectures about nuclear war, or sneaking around in urine-covered cardboard boxes.

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