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Screenshot: The King’s Man (YouTube)

It’s been a long time since we heard about the Kingsman prequel The King’s Man, with the last trailer coming in last September and Disney delaying it in November all the way to this September (it was originally coming in February of this year, so it would’ve been slammed by the pandemic if Disney hadn’t somehow had the foresight to avoid it). Now, though, we’ve got a brand new trailer that continues the trend of the first two, which had been gradually integrating more Kingsman-y tropes and aesthetics into its World War I-era setting. The first one barely admitted it was related to Kingsman and the second one ended with a gag about inventing new gadgets, but this one has a number of gadgets (Final Fantasy fans will want to keep an eye out for a sword with a gun on it), slightly silly fight scenes, and aggressively silly villains. Seriously, Rasputin literally growls at our heroes for a bit. That’s very silly (but in a fun way).


One question we have: What’s the deal with the big villain? Why hide his identity? This is a prequel, so it’s not like we’ll recognize a familiar character, which means it has to be a familiar actor or at least someone who is playing another role in the movie. We don’t have an inside scoop, but don’t be surprised when you find out that someone unexpected is the big bad guy.

Assuming the new theatrical release date sticks, The King’s Man will be released on September 18.

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