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The King's Man goes full Kingsman in this new trailer

The first trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman series prequel The King’s Man held its true identity close to the dapper vest until its final moments, presenting itself as some kind of World War I movie with a vaguely modern tone right up until the reveal of a familiar suit shop and the title. For this new trailer, such deception is immediately discarded in favor of more slow-mo stylish action, quippy heroes, and “War Pigs.” That being said, while Vaughn’s modern-day movies lean pretty hard on the flashy gadgets, this one plays its flashiest gadget—something called a “parachute”—as a joke. Still, that’s only half of the Kingsman recipe, and the other half (very overt Britishness) is here in full force.

The King’s Man will be in theaters on February 14 (in honor of everyone who loves these Kingsman movies).


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