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The Killing will drag out the Rosie Larsen murder for an entire second season

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Although The Killing showrunner Veena Sud was, at first, deeply touched by the way her audience conveyed its intense passion by letting her know how much they hated her, she seems to have had a reversal of opinion about embracing that criticism since then. First it was revealed this week that AMC had canceled The Killing panel at the TCAs, citing a conflict with the demands of production, as well as the demands of blind narcissism. Now comes an interview with Sud in Written By magazine that details how Sud has internalized all those complaints:. She sort of considered them, sort of. “We talked about it. How could you not?” she says of discussing “all the stuff that was being said on the Internet” with the rest of the writers’ room. But ultimately, Sud decided that their job is to “tell the story that feels right by us”—and besides, as she reveals by the interview’s final paragraphs, “I’m easily hurt, or not good at taking criticism.” So it's a good thing she chose to work in television, where people are usually just happy to know you’re trying your very best.


But for those few dissenters who demanded something more, probably because they are unloved and impotent, Sud chose to avoid their angry ranting and focus on the show she wants to watch, whether or not she’s joined by anyone else. After all, she argued shortly after the finale that The Killing is “more of a holistic journey,” one she refuses to dumb down for pabulum-fed audiences who prefer that a show answer the questions that it itself raises, instead of, say, suddenly revealing the person who asked them to have been lying for some ambiguous nefarious purpose—because that is just like life. Anyway, if you’re one of those people, it’s likely you won’t have the patience to make it to the very last sentence of Sud’s very long interview, or probably even this blurb about it, so we’ll just reveal the ending right now in bold so you can get on with your day: “For the record, who killed Rosie Larsen will not be revealed until the end of season two.” So there, now you know who did it—by which we mean who didn’t do it, and by “who” we mean Veena Sud, and by “it” we mean listen to you. [via Vulture]

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