When AMC’s The Killing reddened its last herring back in June 2011, the question was not whether the show would see a drop-off in viewers upon its return, but rather just how huge that drop-off would be (especially given that approximately half of the denizens of the Internet posted comments swearing they’d never be back). As it turns out, that’s one Killing-related question that will actually be answered: Last night’s premiere drew around 1.8 million viewers and 661,000 adults 18 to 49—a 33-percent and 26-percent drop, respectively, from the numbers the show pulled for its debut, but not down that dramatically from the 2.3 million who tuned in to watch the finale. Of course, as always with The Killing, the real information will come later, when next week’s numbers reveal how many of the people who tuned in last night to give the show another chance will continue on, now that they have new senseless conspiracies and avenues of human misery to explore. In the meantime, chew on these numbers, perhaps while staring at the rain symbolically dripping pitter-pat on your windshield.