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The Killers go “Dirt Sledding” with Richard Dreyfuss in their annual holiday tune

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Continuing a tradition that began way back in 2006 with “A Great Big Sled,” The Killers have released this year’s edition of their annual holiday single, “Dirt Sledding.” The latest tune completes (?) an unofficial Santa Claus trilogy featuring former Killers manager Ryan Pardey as Old St. Nick that began with 2009’s “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” and continued with the creepy “I Feel It In My Bones.”

The usual Christmas-song trappings are there: the sleigh bells, timpani, and mistletoe wouldn’t sound out of place on A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector. However, “Dirt Sledding” succeeds by combining a rockabilly sensibility and a sardonic sense of humor with big hooks, along with a chorus of “pretty girls and Christmas lights” that recalls Cheap Trick. The Killers were last seen covering Elvis Presley at the iHeartRadio Fest back in September, and if “Dirt Sledding” is any indication, the next Killers record—which is currently in the writing stage—may be their most power-pop influenced record to date.


“Dirt Sledding” is much more enjoyable than last year’s disappointingly silly “Joel, The Lump Of Coal,” and a worthy successor to their rollicking rendition of William Lawrence Chittenden’s “The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball.” The music video—rumored to feature a cameo from killer shark hunter Richard Dreyfuss, who’s mentioned as a “featured” guest on the song—is set to premiere on Tuesday night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. As with all of The Killers’ holiday songs, all proceeds from the digital download will go to AIDS charities as part of the Product Red campaign.

Download “Dirt Sledding” here.

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