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The Killers announce new album, Imploding The Mirage

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Today, in things miraculously not being canceled: The Killers have just announced their latest album, the band’s first since 2017's Wonderful Wonderful. The band’s sixth studio album, Imploding The Mirage, will arrive in stores and digital storefronts on May 29, for the listening/barter economy needs of Killers fans everywhere.

Per Pitchfork, the band also released a new single from the album, the bright and breezy “Caution.” Featuring Lindsey Buckingham—complete with some “Holiday Road”-ish synths hanging out in the background of the chorus—the song is an ode to throwing yourself into situations, regardless of whose face you might end up touching in the process.

The band also announced a set of international tour dates for later this year, which was awfully optimistic of them. The tour will kick off in the U.K. in May, and then make its way across the globe by year’s end, including performances at Lollapalooza Stockholm and Madison Square Garden.

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