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The Kids In The Hall reuniting for series of shows, but only in Toronto

After five years of not being seen on any stage besides the one in my basement, where I force them nightly to reenact my favorite episodes, legendary sketch comedy troupe The Kids In The Hall is getting back together. The reunion show, titled “Rusty And Ready,” promises fans of the Kids “new material and an assortment of oddities from their deep, dark trunk.” What it doesn’t promise is to be seen by audiences who don’t make it up to Toronto Sketchfest, where the Kids will be limiting their five-night engagement solely to their homeland, with no promise of another full North American tour yet in sight. But for those who live near Toronto—or those willing to make the journey—some tickets are still available. Word of warning to Americans traveling to Toronto for the first time: Toronto likes to keep their city clean, eh, and beware of guys trying to pick you up at the bus station by offering to take you to a Leafs game.

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