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Look: Normally we’d put together a clever, winking little intro up top here, full of references to heads getting crushed, overly polite axe murderers, and the enduring self-pitying appeal of a man with a cabbage for a head. But we’re just too damn excited, friends: The Kids In The Hall are coming back!

Canada’s most stylishly drag-prone sketch comedy troupe announced today that they’re getting back into the sketch/bizarre monologue/wonderfully off-putting short films that barely even qualify as jokes any more game, with Vulture reporting that Amazon is backing the plan to bring the Kids back to TV, and will air all of the new episodes. All five core cast members—Bruce McColluch, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson—are on board for the return, along with (we assume) at least 30 out of 30 Helens, and all of the Daves we know.

Although they’ve toured frequently over the years, the members of the group last reunited for cameras in 2010, when they filmed the oddball soap opera riff The Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town. Before that, they did the movie thing (to mixed effect, depending on where you land in the great Brain Candy debates), and before that was, well, the show, which ran from 1988 to 1995. There’s been some talk of reunion possibilities over the last few years (with explicit nods to the way Mr. Show got a second life via With Bob And David), but given that all five guys are still pretty damn busy, it’s been a tricky thing to manage.


Meanwhile, there’s no word yet on whether this means the old run of the show will also get a renewed pride of place with Amazon Prime; the series hasn’t been freely streaming since The Great SeeSo Debacle, so having it readily available again would be nice. (Although we can’t *cough* YouTube *cough* help but note that a lot of the troupe’s best sketches are floating around the internet.) And if you don’t have a favorite sketch yet—if you are, in fact, wondering why we’re quietly losing our minds about five men in their late 50s announcing that they’re going to put on a bunch of wigs and dresses again—we’ve got you covered. Our TV Club 10 on the show’s weird, winding world is a great place to start, while we’ve also got interviews with several members of the group to get you excited for the show’s sudden and unexpected return.

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