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The kids are far from all right in this teaser for On My Block season 3

Hey, remember when the biggest challenges that Freeridge’s Core Four faced where convincing their parents to get their own rooms and navigating confusing school crushes? Well, a lot can obviously happen in three seasons, and now our a high school heroes are facing the greatest peril they’ve ever encountered: vague Netflix streaming metrics a mysterious kidnapper. Fans will finally get to see who is behind their sudden disappearance when Netflix’s beloved teen comedy On My Block returns on March 11.

The teaser offers little clues behind the concealed snatcher, but a few things are clear: They appear to enjoy excessive wealth, clean killing knives, and opulent manicures. This is clearly a new threat, and if this person wants Ruby (Jason Ganeo), Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), and Jamal (Brett Gray) alive, they will soon find themselves in way over their heads. There’s a good chance that this is somehow connected to Jamal’s early discovery of the Roller World robbery loot, a development that changed the course of their lives entirely. Thankfully Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) was not among the captured, so they may still have a skilled savior on the outside.

On My Block was named one of our favorite shows mid-2019, and the promotion of Garcia to series regular has proven to be a step in the right direction after Ronni Hawk’s departure from the series. Netflix also announced the season three premiere date of Spanish teen drama Elite today, which begins streaming two days later, March 13.

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