(Photo: Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

TMZ reports that Nathaniel “The Kidd Creole” Glover Jr., pioneering rapper from Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five, has been charged with murder in New York. Glover is alleged to have fatally stabbed a homeless man, after the man supposedly called him “a gay slur.”

Along with Flash, Robert Keith “Keef Cowboy” Wiggins, and his brother, Melvin “Melle Mel” Glover, Glover helped invent much of the vocabulary, style, and conventions of hip hop, rapping and MC culture. (Flash, Glover, and the rest of the Five were inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame for their work in 2007.) The 57-year-old rapper was taken into custody by the NYPD earlier today.


[via Pitchfork]