Midnight Special

Itā€™s a big day for AndrĆ©s Muschiettiā€™s take on Stephen Kingā€™s horror classic It. Not only has the production secured an antagonistā€”in the form of Hemlock Grove star Bill Skarsgardā€”but itā€™s also lined up its young male lead. Variety is reporting that Jaeden Lieberher, one of the stars of Jeff Nicholsā€™ recent early Spielberg homage, Midnight Special, has joined the cast as young Bill Denbrough.

The unofficial leader of The Losers Clubā€”the kids who confront the bookā€™s monstrous title creature in 1958, only to be forced to face it again when they return to Derry, Maine, as adultsā€”Bill is a classic King protagonist, in so far as heā€™s brave, down-to-earth, and, of course, a writer, as all brave and down-to-earth King characters must be. Jonathan Brandis played his younger self in the 1990 TV miniseries, while The Americansā€™ Richard Thomas played him as an adult.


The teenaged Lieberher has had a number of high-profile roles in recent years, working with Cameron Crowe, and starring opposite Bill Murray in St. Vincent. (He also had a recurring role on the most recent season of Masters Of Sex.) Now, heā€™ll face off against Skarsgardā€™s take on Pennywise The Clown, joining a long line of heroic clown fighters that includes Brandis, Harry Anderson, and whoever the hell it was that starred in Killer Klowns From Outer Space. (Grant Cramer, in case youā€™re keeping track.)