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The kid from Iron Man 3 may give dinosaurs a hard time in Jurassic Park sequel

As the original Jurassic Park showed, it’s always helpful to have a couple of children around during your dinosaur rampage, should you happen to run across any Unix systems. Children, after all, know this and other things that only the young and hip can understand—like the influx of dinosaurs into new neighborhoods that leads to a Jurassic World, and all the small-batch carnage that follows. Hence the addition of Ty Simpkins, last seen irritating Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3, possibly next to be seen asking needling questions of genetically engineered dinosaurs, until they realize that maybe they should have stayed back in Jurassic Park, seeing as Jurassic World is all overrun with people’s annoyingly precocious kids now.

Unlike other rumored cast members such as Bryce Dallas Howard or director Colin Trevorrow’s old Safety Not Guaranteed buddy, Jake Johnson, Simpkins seems to be a lock for the role, building on a career that’s seen him debut in Steven Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds when he was only three, become the poster child for Insidious and its sequel, and land big roles in Revolutionary Road, Little Children, and now Iron Man 3 and a Jurassic Park sequel. Simpkins is 12 years old, an age by which you had starred in how many blockbusters? Right. Maybe you should also move back to Jurassic Park, dinosaur.


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