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Get ready to start learning the lyrics to a song about doing a crane kick, because Deadline is reporting that The Karate Kid screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen is developing a Broadway musical based on the classic ‘80s movie, with Drew Gasparaini (who wrote the amazing Skittles musical from last year’s Super Bowl, among other things that aren’t that) doing the music and lyrics. The musical will be directed by Amon Miyamoto and choreographed by Keone and Mari Madrid (who have worked with Billie Eilish and BTS). The Deadline story has a nice quote from Miyamoto about how the movie’s message of using karate “not to hurt, not to win, but to let opposing energies play out and come in grace to a conclusion that allows dignity and respect for all” will help society get through this “on-going ‘Age Of Division,’” which would certainly be nice.


Anyway, Teen Titans Go! already did a song about crane kicks, and if this musical doesn’t involve Jason Mantzoukas screaming at Ken Jeong, it’ll be a waste.

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