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The Justice League movie may be your first introduction to the new Batman

Adding more speculation to the speculation that many have made already, the Batman-on-film resource Batman On Film passes on a bit of "intel" that the upcoming Justice League movie may end up being the method by which Warner Bros. sets up the franchise's eventual reboot. That the studio would revive Batman in the wake of Christopher Nolan has been an accepted inevitability for years now, but if this new report can be believed, it may happen much sooner than anticipated. Justice League has ramped up its development lately, and—while originally it was thought that its Batman would exist in its own separate reality within the DC Multiverse—the plan may now be to use it to introduce the version of the character who will then star in his own films thereafter. Perhaps seeing the new Batman's superhero friends all accept him on screen will prevent the audience from running to their bedrooms, screaming, "You're not my Batman!"? At the very least, they probably won't have to hear Step-Batman tell his origin story again.  [via Coming Soon]


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