Thanks in part to the recent box-office success of Jurassic World, John Williams’ soundtrack from the original Jurassic Park has been making a resurgence, landing itself on one of Billboard’s vaunted Top 10 charts. Not bad for music from a 22-year-old movie.

Of course, the chart in question—Billboard’s Top 10 Classical Digital—isn’t necessarily the world’s hottest rubric of pop success. Williams’ big competition in the category is prima donna Sir Edward Elgar, whose “Pomp and Circumstance” has been sitting pretty at the top of the May and June charts ever since he made a deal with Big High School Graduation. (Elgar’s most famous rival in the classical world, Josh Groban, is currently resting at No. 2.) The Jurassic Park theme, meanwhile, has climbed seven places in the last two weeks, from a non-charting 13 up to No. 6, probably on the strength of the new movie and also people singing it out loud to themselves in their cars, as people are wont to do.


Of course, next week will see Michael Giacchino’s own score for Jurassic World enter the listings—including a few tracks with explicit references to Williams’ work. It’ll be interesting to see if the two dino-themed soundtracks will compete against each other, or if they’ll instead complement, like a pair of raptors coordinating to rip Josh Groban and Sir Edward Elgar apart. (You’re welcome, fan-fiction authors).