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The Jungle Book’s Neel Sethi explains what it was like to film his entire role on blue screen

Screenshot: Oh My Disney

One of the more unbelievable facts about Disney’s recent Jungle Book remake is that nearly the entire movie is done with CGI. Not only were the talking animals created by a computer, but basically the film’s entire jungle world was rendered after the fact too. Which means that 12-year-old actor Neel Sethi—who played a non-CGI Mowgli—had to film his entire performance alone in a blue screen studio. And the young actor opens up about that unusual experience in a new video for Oh My Disney.

In the quick minute-and-a-half long interview, Sethi explains that he had “nothing but his imagination” to act against. His animal co-stars were either played by off-screen puppeteers or men in blue bodysuits who were later replaced by CGI creatures. But Sethi seems to have genuinely enjoyed the process, particularly—as most 12-year-olds would—the chance to spend all day running and jumping onto giant foam pads.


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