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The journey toward The Lord Of The Rings continues in the latest Tolkien trailer

We just got a surprisingly bizarre teaser for director Dome Karukoski’s J.R.R. Tolkien biopic in February, featuring Nicholas Hoult as a young, sexy version of the Lord Of The Rings author as he enjoys the fellowship of his friends and his wife (Lily Collins) as well as the fiery demon-faced horrors of war—like, there was literally a Balrog face in an explosion. It was all a bit fantastical for a biopic, even one about an author who wrote a lot of famously fantastical stuff, and this new trailer mostly takes a more straightforward approach, showcasing Tolkien’s real life and his fondness for telling stories and inventing languages over the stuff that—at least according to this biopic—directly inspired the stuff in his books. Of course, there are still heavy-handed references to important journeys and the big ending moment is the use of the word “fellowship,” just in case anyone was in danger of forgetting what Tolkien’s work is famous for.


Tolkien also features Derek Jacobi, Pam Ferris, and Colm Meaney, and it’ll be in theaters on May 10.

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