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The John Wick universe gets its very own conspiracy theorist in this new web series

Photo: Lionsgate

John Wick 4 doesn’t arrive until 2021 but, to tide fans over in the meantime, Lionsgate has released a four-episode spin-off web series titled Truth Serum. It’s a surprisingly in-depth bit of supplementary content starring Eddie Jemison as Banks Jenkins, a paranoid talk show host who makes it his mission to uncover the mysteries of The Continental and High Table. Yes, he is a full-blown conspiracy theorist and if you’ve seen even one John Wick movie, you know you really can’t blame him.

The episodes use footage and small details from the movies to help explain why Banks is hell-bent on figuring out what these mysterious organizations are up to. Hint: he’s convinced they are murderers bringing humanity to its knees. Fair enough. To absolutely no one’s surprise, things don’t necessarily end well for him by the end, which leaves room for a continuation of this zany web series.


Also, fret not, for though Banks doesn’t address John Wick initially, he eventually comes around to realize everyone’s favorite super-assassin is actually one dapper dude.

Truth Serum is quite a fun ride for fans of the franchise. It helps that Jemison, known for iZombie and Legion, excels in his performance. The only downside? No Keanu Reeves. But hey, that’s what the John Wick movies are for, including the most recent Parabellum, which is now available on digital. Never let the Keanussance end.

All four episodes of Truth Serum are available to stream now.

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