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John Travolta is a pivotal figure in a shady organization that insinuates itself into people’s lives and shakes them down for as much money as it can take… in a new movie! Yes, Deadline reports that Travolta is set to play former Gambino crime family head John Gotti, in the culmination of a project that’s taken more turns in and out of development than the Teflon Don did in and out of court.

After parting ways with Nick Cassavetes, Joe Johnston, and Barry Levinson over the years, the film’s producers have finally found the man for the job: Eric from Entourage. Yes, actor Kevin Connolly, whose directorial work includes episodes of TV shows he’s starred in and a pretty good 30 For 30, has been tapped to tell the story of one of the two most infamous mobsters of the past 25 years (i.e., the one not being played by Johnny Depp).


The film will focus on Gotti’s relationship with his son, John Gotti III (as yet uncast), after the elder Gotti was finally sent to prison and his son (allegedly) took over the family. The younger Gotti sold his life story—which serves as the basis of the film—after serving time for racketeering, and now claims his mob days are behind him.

Most of Travolta’s best work has involved him playing organized crime figures—Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, Face/Off—and he seems to be returning to the well with upcoming appearances on American Crime Story and a mob-themed film called Criminal Activities. If history’s any judge, this will lead to a career resurgence which will allow Travolta to pursue his true passion: tormenting the puny man-animals. Here’s hoping.

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