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Surprising almost no one, The Jesus Lizard recently told Rolling Stone that they have, in fact, broken up once again. After originally breaking up in 1999, the band reunited for a 2008-2009 tour, after which guitarist Duane Denison says he tried really hard to get the band back in the studio—though not everyone shared his enthusiasm.


According to Denison, “certain members” of the band were proved resistant, saying they “didn’t want to go to the cliché route of a post-reunion LP.” For his part, Denison argues, “It’s a cliché only if you make it a cliché and put out a shitty album”—which is true, especially as recent history has seen any number of reunited bands who crash on rock 'n' roll’s mid-life crisis couch and overstay their welcomes. Eventually Denison just gave up asking, though he says he did write some new material for the band while he was still holding out hope.

While it seems unlikely that material will ever see the light of day now, sad fans can still pick up Book, a book—duh—about The Jesus Lizard due out Aug. 7. According to Denison, the coffee table tome comes full of archival writings, photos, and maybe even a live DVD.

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